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Dorm Room Throw Pillows - Fabulous Gifts for Students

Posted by Thomas Ratcliffe on

Dorm Room Decor Throw Pillows - U.S. Airport Codes - RWY23Back-to-school is different in 2020, with remote and distance learning becoming more predominant. Even for college and university students, the adjustment is not easy. One day, we will all look forward to the days when campus life returns to normal.

Regardless of their circumstances, students always need some cheering up. And a fun piece of dorm decor does the trick. Check out the RWY23 (Runway Two Three) range of U.S. airport code throw pillows inspired by vintage baggage tags.

Airport codes are a fun way to represent where you're from and provide a sense of place. A pillow showing off your hometown might take the edge off some homesickness.

RWY23 offers all sorts of cool airport code stuff, include pillows, mugs, wall art, hats, t-shirts and more!

All pillows are made to order and ship worldwide (shipping to the U.S. is free). Online ordering is easy. Discover the collection and get yours today!