Away From Home Gift Ideas

Away from Home Gift Ideas - Cool Airport Code Stuff - RWY23

Who doesn’t love to receive a care package from home? Eyes open in delight. Smiles break out. Hearts melt.

Whether for a college student feeling lonely, a family member serving in the military or an expat living and working overseas, a special parcel that says “I miss you” is just the tonic to relieve homesickness, provide comfort and brighten spirits.

Surprise your loved ones with a unique, practical gift from RWY23. A baggage tag throw pillow with your city’s airport code will liven up the living room sofa or college dorm bed. A handsome hat demonstrates pride in your hometown—you know style-conscious students will tell their friends “my parents got this for me” without simultaneously rolling their eyes! An airport code mug will give a spot of cheer, along with much-needed caffeine. And a poster will jazz up the room with a pop of color while reinforcing that connection with home.

These gifts are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Or you can simply make it your own occasion and amaze with the unexpected!

Ordering is simple. Check out the examples below and then search the catalogue. All products are made-to-order and shipping within the U.S. is free.

Get started now. Be inspired by the joy of giving and thrill those closest to you!